Buy, Sell, Trade (Bicycle-related Items)

     Would you like to buy, sell or trade bicycle stuff?  JSTS has a free group email where we can exchange buy-sell-trade info.

     JSTS Buy-Sell-Trade is the place for JSTS members to buy, sell and trade cycling-related items in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ!
     This email group was created for those who have items they no longer need, but are too good to just throw away or give away. This is not intended to be a forum or for public advertising or for seeking personal or commercial services. 

TO SUBSCRIBE to our Buy-Sell-Trade email distribution list (to receive word of listed items), send an email to this address:

TO POST: Once you have subscribed to the email distribution list, just send an email to this address to "post a message" for something you want to buy, sell, or trade: 


TO UNSUBSCRIBE to the buy-sell-trade email list, send an email to the following address:


The following rules will be strictly enforced. If your post doesn't meet the guidelines, it will not be posted. Please do not repost the same item more than twice a month.

1. Please remove photos from the photo section after your item sells.

2. The subject line of your post MUST include one of the following phrases followed by the name of the item: FOR SALE (or FS), WANTED (or ISO), SOLD, OFFER (used only for free items), or TRADE.

Example:  FOR SALE: Trek Road Bike
Example:  WANT TO TRADE: Look pedals for SPD

3. No links to eBay, Craigslist or other commercial sites.

4. You must receive special notices at a minimum. The "no email" setting is not allowed. The moderators reserve the right to change your email settings.