The 2016 Frostbite Series

Would you bicycle in cold weather -not just once- (and not just twice or thrice) for a custom t-shirt? Well then, you're our kind of zany. It'll take you 4 club rides of your choice on any 4 weekends in December to qualify for the prize.

Ride any 4 separate weekends in the month of December to complete the series (mix-and-match from either of the 2 options below):
•Road Rides- There are road rides scheduled for every Saturday morning and every Sunday morning.
•Mountain Bike Rides- Mountain bike rides are scheduled for every weekend.

Riding twice in one weekend does not suffice for a missed weekend. You must ride on 4 separate weekends. See the Frostbite Series rules down below.

RIDE LEADERS- All riders MUST sign-in in order to receive credit for a ride. The list of riders must then be emailed by end-of-day on the Tuesday following the ride.
RIDERS- Please PRINT your name clearly so that the the ride leader can make sure the right person gets credit for riding.

- Complete 4 club rides on 4 separate weekends to get a Frostbite T-shirt.
- If New Jersey declares a state of emergency, the ride is automatically canceled.
- Cancellation: A ride leader can cancel a ride due to poor road conditions, with notice given (via email) 90 minutes before the ride.
- Minimum duration: Road rides must be at least 10 miles long and mountain rides must go at least 1 hour.
- If Christmas falls on a weekend, a ride can be on another day around that weekend. This year, that other day is 12/26.
- If less than 4 rides take place in December due to cancelled rides, the Frostbite Series will carry over to the first full weekend (1/7 & 1/8) in January. This ensures that riders have earned the Frostbite shirt vs. shown up to sign in.

- There are 4.5 Scheduled Frostbite Weekends in 2016: 12/3 & 12/4,  12/10 & 12/11,  12/17 & 12/18,  12/24 & 12/26, and 12/31.