Spread Sunshine

Each year, the Jersey Shore Touring Society budgets money for the club sunshine fund. The intent of the fund is to express sympathy to/ empathy with member(s) by sending a get well or condolence card on behalf of JSTS when, for example, a member is injured or suffers the loss of someone close to them.

Of course, no gesture is possible unless the Sunshine committee has an idea of what has happened. This is where you can help by sending word to the committee here. Before doing so, please consider whether the member (in case of bereavement) is receptive to a JSTS sunshine 'gesture' and let the committee know this (whether receptive to the idea or not) as well. It may be advisable not to act, but helpful to know of the event nonetheless.

Please email details, including the name and address, to the Sunshine Committee's Sue Scarola if you want to report an event. Thanks!